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Connecting With Energy: Tarot Spread

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

This spread was created to help you connect with a particular energy.

Here are a few examples of cards you can use and the energies they may help you connect with:

The Magician- Manifesting goals, Being Productive

High Priestess- Connecting with your inner voice/intuition

Six of Cups- Carefree Energy, Nostalgia

Strength- Inner Strength, Courage

Six of Wands- Confidence, Pride

Temperance- Balance, Sense of Calmness

Death- Change, New Beginnings

Eight of Pentacles- Mastery, Working Hard

The World- Completion, Feeling of Accomplishment

The Empress- Creative, Powerful, Nurturing

Queen of Cups- Nurturing, In touch with emotions

We'd love to see photos of this spread! Feel free to email a photo or tag us on Instagram! #rosebmystics

Connecting with the Energy of The Magician #rosebmystics

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