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Feeling Heavy Tarot Spread

A tarot spread for when you’re feeling heavy.

Inspired by a simple day’s events:

I pulled the Rune Thurisaz and got a good understanding of what it meant. Thurisaz represents a thorn, conflict, destruction, brute force, etc. Oh did I feel that torn! I found out I can no longer do studio time on Wednesdays because they are running another class at that time, I got impatient and tried to rush the drying process for a piece- resulting in fine cracks around the eyes, when trying to fix the crack I stabbed myself with a tool (the tool made me bleed and I felt that connection to the thorn), and so many other little events began to build up.

Then inspiration hit, and this spread was created. It’s important to remember, much like the energy of the Tower, that from the ashes of destruction something beautiful can rise.✨

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