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New Moon Ritual: The 5 Senses

Updated: May 7, 2020

The key to this New Moon Ritual is creating a sacred space that allows you to absorb the energy around you using all of your senses- Sight, Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing. Feel free to personalize and modify this ritual to best suit you.


Sight: Create a visually pleasing sacred space. Surround yourself with things that you love to look at- flowers, plants, art, tarot cards, oracle cards, things from nature, crystals, candles, etc.

Touch: Be mindful of the items you are putting in your sacred space. How do they feel? What are the different textures? Can you feel anything emitting energy in your hands?

Taste: Have something warm beside you to sip on- tea, hot water and lemon, coffee, water charged with a crystal (Check out for more information on what is safe and not safe to use).

Smell: Fill the air with a calming scent(s). You can light sage or palo santo to cleanse, burn a candle, light

incense, wear your favorite perfume, etc.

Hearing: Surround yourself with soft, pleasant sounds. This can be accomplished with a sound bowl, chimes, or simply playing gentle music from your phone.


Be sure you are mindful and present while creating your sacred space. Once you have set everything up you are welcome to continue with a tarot reading or any of your favorite rituals.

We'd love to see photos of this spread! Feel free to email us a photo or tag us on Instagram! #rosebmystics

This ritual would flow beautifully into this New Moon Tarot Spread. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and grab your tarot cards. Shuffle them keeping the energy and feel of your cards in mind. Lay your cards out and do the reading. I often like to keep a journal within arms reach to record my findings and set intentions for the new moon cycle.

If you gave this ritual a shot, I would love to hear your feedback and more about how you personalized it to suit your style. You can DM me on Instagram @rosebmystics or shoot me an email at

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