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Tarot Tip: Opening & Closing Rituals

Create an opening and closing ritual for your tarot readings.

This can be as simple or as complex as you'd like. Establishing a ritual will help put you in the right mindset to pull cards and focus on what's at hand. In my personal practice, I like to keep it rather simple during the weekdays and spice things up when I have extra time over the weekends.

Curious to know about my opening and closing rituals? Okay, I'll share. During the week, I set aside a small amount of time in the morning to pull my daily cards. I light a small chime candle, take a few deep breaths, and invite the universe to guide me with my reading. I'll pull a card or two, record it in my planner, and write a few words in my journal about what my message may be. When I'm finished, I set my daily card(s) on the table and blow out my candle. (Then it's time to start running around and getting ready for work!) If I have extra time, I'll do the same process as above, but may add a meditative activity- adorning chime candles, creating a crystal grid, drawing, etc.

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