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78 Affirmations to Accompany the Tarot

Here are a few ways you can use affirmations in your tarot practice:

  • When drawing a daily card, recite or write out your affirmation for the card

  • Draw a tarot card, pull out your mala, and recite the affirmation with each bead

  • Develop a deeper understanding and connection to a tarot card by attaching an affirmation to it

  • Use the tarot card and it's affirmation as a journaling prompt

  • Draw a tarot card and meditate with the meaning and affirmation in mind

78 Affirmations Inspired by The Tarot

p.s. here's a printer friendly copy!

Tarot and Affirmations pdf
Download PDF • 619KB

78 Affirmations to Accompany the Tarot

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2 Kommentare

Thank you for sharing this wonderful resource. It is precisely what I have been wanting.

Gefällt mir
Anna Rose
Anna Rose
26. Sept. 2022
Antwort an

So happy to hear that!

Gefällt mir
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