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Palmistry: The Four Major Lines

Updated: May 7, 2020

The Heart Line is linked to the emotional self & emotional capability

Deep & Clear Line: steady emotions

Thin or Chained: fickle, sentimental, changeable

The Head Line represents the mind, intelligence, and ability to concentrate

Deep & Clear Line: good memory, clear thinker, may find it easier to concentrate

Thin or Chained: may experience confusion more easily, may have trouble focusing

The Life Line shares information on vitality and general health

Deep & Clear Line: strong energy, bounces back more easily

Thin, Broken, or Chained: lower energy, harder to bounce back from illness

Line of Stability speaks to one's sense of security (both internally & externally)

(also known as the Line of Saturn/Line of Fate/Line of Security)

Deep & Clear Line: feels secure, will face favorable conditions

Missing or Defective: indicates one must work hard for success (self-made)

Please note the image below is for reference, the lines on your palm may look different.

Palmistry: The Four Major Lines

Credit: The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Goldberg & Bergen

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