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Palmistry: Understanding the Mounts of the Hand

Updated: May 7, 2020

Jupiter- The Leader

Key Attributes: ambition, leadership, individuality, confidence, love of nature

Possible Weaknesses: gluttony, domineering, excessive pride

Saturn- The Scholar

Key Attributes: hardworking, introverted, cautious, scholarly, dry humor

Possible Weaknesses: fear, depression, extreme introversion, pessimistic

Apollo- The Artist

Key Attributes: creative, spontaneous, charming, extroverted, talented, intuitive

Possible Weaknesses: quick tempered, fickle emotions, egocentric

Mercury- The Communicator

Key Attributes: skilled communicator, problem solver, money conscious, scientific, business minded

Possible Weaknesses: workaholic, manipulative, dishonest

Mars- The Warrior

Key Attributes: brave, energetic, sexual, direct, honest, loyal, passionate

Possible Weaknesses: overly forceful, too intense, sexually compulsive, aggressive

Luna- The Visionary

Key Attributes: imaginative, intuitive, mystical, introverted, psychic

Possible Weaknesses: impractical dreamer, tendency to lie, selfish, excessive imagination

Venus- The Lovers

Key Attributes: loving, tender, optimistic, passionate, sympathetic, sexual

Possible Weaknesses: passive, hedonistic, can't say "no"

Palmistry: The Mounts Instagram @rosebmystics

Credit: The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Goldberg & Bergen

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