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The Importance of Taking Action

Updated: May 7, 2020

Hey there, Anna here! It’s currently October 2019 and I’ve been doing my daily draw for the October Tarot Challenge #divedeeptarot, which got me thinking about the importance of taking action after a reading.

I think it’s so easy to draw a card, journal briefly, and forget about it (guilty here).

On October 3rd, I drew the Two of Wands for the prompt “What aspect of my life needs more attention?” I journaled about how now is the time to sit down and make plans- I need to put pen to paper and write out my goals.

It would have been easy to just leave it at that and go about my day, but instead, I took 20 minutes out of my busy schedule and wrote out my hopes and goals for the rest of the year. With that, I included actionable steps that will get me closer to achieving my goals.

We’re about half way through October now, and I’ve made real progress since writing out my goals.

You see, the real magic happens when you soak in the message and try to figure out how you can incorporate that message/energy/lesson into your life. Consider, “What is one actionable step I can take today?”

The Importance of Taking Action

Tarot: The Importance of Taking Action

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